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Marie Dangerfield releases second single "Intentions"


Marie Dangerfield is set to release her debut single, Intentions” on Friday 13 August, 2021. “Intentions” whisks you away to a peaceful tropical rainforest for some calming rest and relaxation. She takes notes from smooth and soulful artists like Moonchild and Jhene Aiko with a meditative and trance like soundscape that gives listeners a chance to reflect and catch their breath.

Of the song, Marie says:

“I wanted to escape to a dreamlike place where I could feel calm. This song is like a personal mantra and reminds me why I chose to make music, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed I can listen to this. I wanted to delve into the aesthetic found in contemporary neo-soul and pop and create a track that transported me to a tropical island where the serenity melted my worries and woes.”

Teaming up with producer David Skeet (The Venetians), “Intentions” combines luscious harmonies with poetic lyrics influenced by a fond reflection on neo soul of the late 90’s and contemporaries who are also inspired by this point in time.

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